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O F F I C I A L--- e M A L A Y S I A N --- G O V E R N M E N T

We must understand that the major factor of this game is the military module.
There are two things about military that we are building up in our character.
• Strength
• Rank

Naturally strength building is only can be done by daily training; And 1 extra Strength point given for completing daily tasks of working and training. So do not miss it.
The basic training gives you 5 Strength. You can choose 4 options of training mode.
Military For Dummies -Amli Nujhan Training
• 10% bonus Army Boots = free
• 50% bonus Boot Camp= 0.19 gold (recommended)
• 100% bonus Caesar’s Battles= 1.49 gold
• 200% bonus Napoleon’s Victories = 1.79 gold
• Another extra 10% introducer bonus per player/friend introduced. But only maximum of 2 players taken account giving us 20%.
Every time you complete 250 strength you will be awarded with one ‘Super Soldier Medal’ and a 5 gold reward. That is why it is recommended to choose the 50% option.

On the other hand if you choose the 100% gain option, you will lose some gold in calculation. If you choose to spend some gold though, it is better to take the 200% training on one day, and take the free training on the next day. It’s much economically wiser than taking the 100% bonus for 2 consecutive days. To understand this, I encourage you to do some simple mathematics by your own.

Strength is important because it determines our attack and damaging capability in a fight. A strong person may kill a weaker rival in a single hit. On the other hand a newbie with low strength may need to make up to 6 hits before he can kill a strong opponent.

Each hit made will lower 10 wellness. So, it’s crucial to make a quick kill.
We need to consume food to regain our wellness during fighting. The lower the health, the more food needed to regain wellness. You can’t continue to fight when your wellness is below 20. There’s also a limit of maximum 300 health regaining per day, thus not permitting you to engage in fight all day long even if you have tons of food in reserve.

The damage done in a fight can be determined by your
• Strength
• Weapons
• Health

Strength has been discussed briefly above.

For weapons, you can go to war unarmed and causing less damage.
For options you can buy weapons from the market.
• Q1 gun (recommended for novice)
• Q2 rifle
• Q3 artillery
• Q4 helicopter
• Q5 tank (sought after by hardcore players)
Attack power is the damaging capability of a weapon can add in a fight round.
Durability is the defensive factor of it. Making a person is harder to kill by opponent. Durability is not so important for a person who goes to war without cause, but it is crucial to be prepared if the player really defending his side in the war. To give a clearer picture, 10 armies equipped with Q5 weapons may be able to win a war over 50 unarmed opponents. Quality versus quantity.

Keep a constant fitness in a war.
You can do some consecutive fighting rounds till you kill the opponent before you consume your food. The minimum is not below than 20 wellness. With the current system, you will regain to 100% health (or according to the amount of food you still have).
Tactically, I’d recommend you to recover to 100% health after each time you do the attack. Keep it constantly between 90%-100% wellness.

Because low wellness can expose you for easy kill by your enemies. If everybody in our country goes to war like this, we will lose the war in no time.

So what kind of food is suitable for the war?
If your wellness is 90 and you want to straight away recover to 100, will you choose Q1 recovers 2 health each time; or Q3 that recovers 6 health?

I’d choose regular Q1 bread.
Previously we can arrange our food in our inventory and decide how to arrange its sequencing. We could decide to eat at any amount of food that we want. But now those ‘headless chickens’ had changed the module. When you press ‘Eat Food’, you are automatically will eat the higher quality you possess to the maximum health (100%).
Which lead you to using 5 Q1 bread to recover 10 wellness; on the other hand you may have to automatically eat 2 Q2 dishes to recover 10 wellness.
2 Q2 should have given you 12 wellness, but you spent it for 10 wellness only.

What you get from war?

Every time you hit Fight button, you may get 1 exp.
If you are a newbie who need to do 7 hits before taking down your enemy, you will get 7 exp per enemy you shot down.

Every time you make a kill, you may get:
• 2 extra exp (helps you leveling faster)
• You gain rank point.
• Damage point done. The person with the highest damage done may entitled for campaign Hero award (+5 gold)

Rank is another character building task.
It’s the military ranks which can be referred HERE.
The higher the Military rank gives a higher battle influence in a fight. The person with the highest influence may get the Campaign Hero medal.

Military For Dummies -Amli Nujhan Deployment_abroad_155735
There are several war aspects and each to their own protocols.
*Conquest war
*Resistance war (RW)
*Natural Enemy
*Mutual Protection Pack (MPP}

I hope I’ll discuss those details in future articles, but for now I’m aiming to cover practical aspects as the basic guide.

You may check notice on your home page if there’s any war the country you are staying is engaging. Or you can fight for other country if you have to.
If you were traveling to Kalimantan, Indonesia from Sarawak using a Q1 ticket; then you may see all war events, markets and political activities according to that country. And you may join their war if you want to, on the condition that you are fighting on their side; even if the war is between eIndonesia vs eMalaysia.

Sometime eMalaysia don’t have any war going on for quite some times. But you need wars to gain exp faster and ranking up. In certain occasion, we also need to complete mission tasks requiring fighting in a war. For that purpose, you need to go war hunting.
Let us say that you are required to do a specific war involving any South American country. You can either move to that South American region using a Q3 or Q4 ticket; or you can fight on behalf of their alliance or their rival counterpart.

For Instance; eBrazil is warring eSpain. When you check the war info, you suddenly find that one of eSpain ally is eIndonesia. In that case, you don’t have to spend much travelling around the globe. Instead, you just move to eIndonesia temporarily for the war.

Some elite forces may have complex communication system. They are well organized in taking turn tanking their side, mass attacking or even tanking on behalf of their weak enemy!
By phone, chatbox, messenger, mass mailing to alert everybody… you name it, they have it all. For a beginner and novice player we just apply simple way of communication.

For another example, please take a look back at the current eBrazilian vs eSpain war scenario.
You plan to go to eIndonesia to fight, but once you are in the eIndonesian ground you have to buy food from their market. You need to use their currency to buy food and weapons. If you don’t have enough IDR in your account, you need to convert your gold to sufficient IDR amount before can buy anything.

Cut the craps!
Just ask your Facebook friend who is staying in the eMalaysian ground to feed you through donation.
Pass the MYR to him, he’ll transfer the item straight to your storage.

During the times when we used to have only 20 spaces in our inventory, I don’t even bother to go to the market on and off during the war. My comrade monitored my inventory every 10 second or so. Without asking me, he would just fill the spaces with new batch of food or weapons. I’d just do my fighting and health recovering with nothing to worry about. My comrade would do the counting and would alert me if I were nearing my maximum 300 health consumption.

That’s how the good old days. But nowadays we are temporarily having unlimited storage. We will yet to see how the future will turn about…

Military Units
You can ask to join a military unit. It’s like an organized mercenary troop.
A Military unit only can be set up by a person whose rank is at least a Commander and must be above level 20. The benefits of joining mercenaries varies depending of the unit organizer.

Military For Dummies -Amli Nujhan Joinmilitary
But on our current situation, eMalaysians can apply to Tentera Darat. It’s not a military unit as the game system suggests, but it’s rather manually organized by eMalaysian government as our National Army front line. You can enlist yourself HERE.

I beg you to do so… please.

Call Of Duty,
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