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Post by Amli Nujhan on Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:18 pm

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O F F I C I A L--- e M A L A Y S I A N --- G O V E R N M E N T

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Plato the ancient Greek philosopher was known for his anti-democracy statements. Now a guy who claimed to be him has PTOed eRepublik and sent the previous admin to Gulag. I’m not so sure whether democracy is still in practice here.
But who cares, nobody ever understand the true meaning of democracy. Ask Fidel Castro then he’ll claim his nation practices the true democracy.
The only clue that we have about democracy is the VOTING.

To begin with, we have 3 elections in eRepublik every month:
• The Country President (CP) Election is on the 5th day of the month.
• The Party President Election on the 15th
• The Congress Election on the 25th

However, I’ll start my discussion with the least popular election first;


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To nominate himself as the party president, ones must initially donate 2 Gold to the party account; and must be at least level 16.
Or, he uses 40 Gold to create a new party from scratch and automatically be the president of it.

The party president has some executive powers:
• Being the sole person who has access to the party account.
• Organizing who will, and who won’t represent the party for congress election.
• Selecting a candidate to run for Country Presidential Election.
The party president can nominate himself as a congress candidate, representative in the CP election. (With a little note that only the top 5 parties of the country can have candidates on congress and CP election. Of course eMalaysia is rarely having so many parties around).

So, do not take for granted that Party President Election is not important. A Political Take Over (PTOer) gang need to control a party first before they can take over the whole country!


Anybody above level 15 and involved in a proper party can nominate himself as a candidate; and with approval of the Party President.
What are the incentives of being a congressman?
• 5 Golds
• Glittering award on your resume
• Able to propose and vote for law proposals.
• You are granted with 2 citizenship passes for those outsiders who want to be eMalaysian citizen.

Being a congressman comes with responsibilities and duties. Therefore, each congressman should be committed to serve the country and its people.
First and foremost he should be active in FORUM to keep up with discussions. Please understand every proposal made there, before casting your vote here in the game.
There is a private Congress Room there where only congressmen can enter and getting involved in the government agenda.


Law are proposals regarding the governance of the country that Congress and the President pass to change pressing matters in the country.

Each congressman gets 2 proposals per term, these are the laws Congress can propose:

- Citizen Fee
The citizen fee is an amount of money taken from the country treasury to be given ton to new players ‘born’ in eMalaysia. Currently it’s MYR 5.

- Donate
The country’s account may have Gold, MYR and all sorts of currencies. Congress can donate money or gold to organizations. I should say that most of the donation should go to the Bank Negara Malaysia. The Minister of Finance (MoF) will utilise that money in the monetary market to exchange for gold which later on can be transferred back to the country account. The Gold in the treasury is used mainly for MPP; construction of hospital and defence system; war declaration.
If we are unlucky, the PTOer raid the majority of the congress seats; and they will drain every dime goes to their confounded organizations.

- Issue Money
Do you know what is Fiat Money?
Well, this is not what we are doing here. Sometimes we need more MYR in circulation by converting Gold in monetary market. If the amount of MYR increases, the price in Gold will go down; and vice versa.
The MYR ‘printed’ will be paid by Gold from the treasury. The money than be transferred to Bank Negara Malaysia and can be sold in monetary market.
Like country donations, it should be verified on the forum’s Congress section before voting yes or no.

- Tax Adjustments
As the economy fluctuates, so will the taxes to be modifided.
* Income tax: Calculated from the salary paid to the workers in the given industry. Example - 15% income tax: If a worker is paid MYR 10 per day, MYR 1.5 is paid directly from the company to the country treasury and MYR 8.5 is paid to the worker.
No wonder we will never get our full daily salary even we work in 100% health.

* Value added tax (VAT): Applies to all products except raw materials.
Example: 5% VAT: If a person decides to price an item to MYR 10, the price offered in the marketplace will be MYR 10.50.

* Import tax:Calculated from the price including VAT set on goods delivered by foreigners.
Example: 10% import tax: If a person in eChina buys a market license for eMalaysia and sets the sales price of an item to be sold on the eMalaysian market to MYR 10, and the VAT in eMalaysia is 5%, the price offer on the marketplace for this item will be MYR 11.55.

- Minimum wage
Congress can lower or raise a minimum wage that company managers must pay their employees; usually for the sake of those newbie will low working skills. For the high skilled workers, their salary is depending on the job market competition.

- Impeachment
Congress can remove the President from his office with a 66% majority vote. When a President is impeached, the runner up in the president election is moved up to President. If the impeachment fails, you have to wait for at least 7 days before making another impeachment.

Please think carefully before you cast any vote. Many times our country has experienced heavy casualties because of one mistake done by a trigger happy proposal voter. And some cases are caused by inactive congressmen who didn’t care to vote.
As to prove that, once I’ve made a lulz proposal that’s clearly everybody should have voted NO; yet there were some ignorant congressmen had voted yes for it. (In the old days we get exp from voting proposals too)
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Other than the normal proposals made by congress, there are also some proposals that are only within the Country President’s executive power.
The Presidential proposals are:
*Mutual Protection Pack (MPP)
*Trading Embargoes
*War Declaration
*Natural Enemy Declaration
*Propose Peace Treaty
*New Citizen Message
*Hospital and Defence Constructions


A Country President candidate must be at least at level 15. The maximum number of candidates on this election is 5; from the top 5 parties. Normally we in eMalaysia only have 2 or 3 candidates.
A congressman cannot nominate himself as a candidate for Country President.
(You can only be PP and congresman or PP and CP, but you cant be congressman and CP at the same time)

Thus, it is much regretted if a person quit his post as a congress person for this. So, those who want to be a President, please think before you decided to run for congress.

The President may set up his cabinet to run the country. The people in the cabinet are not necessarily from congress. A Country President is a busy person dealing with every matter both internal and external. He is the lead person interacting with other countries looking for MPPs, attacking regions, starting wars and alliances.

Before the election, the candidates can chose Country Goals, such as Increase Population x%, Improve Economy y%, Gain and/or keep regions. However, this is not of importance, as the main part of this election is the manifestos. The candidates usually write a series of manifestos dealing with a variety of issues, such as the economy, domestics, foreign affairs and military.

*One additional note about election candidates
It's not solely based on the number of vote. Higher exp level is an advantage.
Once I thought I was secured with 5 votes in a congress election, but to my amazement, I lose to a much higher level guy who got only 3 votes !?!

Political Take Over (PTO)
A maniac got eMalaysian citizenship, and just a minute after that he proclaim himself as the King of eMalaysia. Everybody must bow on his presence. So What?
Politics For Dummies  Ptoboss
If we are not always in caution, we won’t be aware when they will strike us.
Usually it’s started slowly unnoticed. One or two enemies slip into congress. They will later grant citizenship to more enemies, eventually taking over a party or populating their own, and then running presidential and congressional candidates from the puppet party, hoping to forcefully take the elections. If they succeed, they can easily shut down a country's war machine by refusing all MPPs, destroy the economy by raising taxes, and stealing from the citizenry by donating the money to offshore accounts.

Anti-Take Over (ATO)
An ATO has 3 objectives: keep enemies out of the president’s seat, run blockers and vote for unity candidates in congressional elections, and keep enemy parties out of the top 5 (or take them over).
We used to practice multi-party system. We were PTOed.
We used to experience single party, yet still we were PTOed.
It’s is a hope with 2 major party system we can keep our ATO operation in proper balance.
Politics For Dummies  Twopartysystem
Cheers !

Civil Servant,
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Minister of Education,

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