New Game! Age of Citizens!

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New Game! Age of Citizens! Empty New Game! Age of Citizens!

Post by TheAnarchist on Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:56 pm

This is a new game extremely similar to eRepublik, and I am the AoC President of Malaysia there. Malaysia is in need of some active citizens in order to make us a world power. The game is still in development and has constant updates, and the developer is a very dedicated person who is trying very hard to make AoC a great game.

I hope you guys will check it out and support me in my attempt at transforming Malaysia into one of the top countries in the AoC world. Laughing

Since I am unable to type in links in my first seven days in this forum, I suggest you just google Age of Citizens Online Browser Games and click on the option which leads you to the game site.


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